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Visual Thinking

Apr 23, 2021

Graphic Facilitation in Formal Education


This episode is an announcement of the first-ever course on graphic facilitation as formal education. Jimi Holstebro has been working for years to introduce the skill into the program for bachelor in pedagogy. Together with Mia Søiberg and Frank Høedt, they have made a dream come true - visual thinking is officially taught in a university! Read more about the course here: The first course starts after the summer break later in this year. We will talk about Jimi's journey and learn more about his ideas about how this big event for the community of visual thinkers is going to affect the world. Tune in!



Jimi Holstebro


Jimi is from the northern parts of Denmark but is now situated in Viborg with his wife, their three kids, dog, and cat.


For the past eight years, Jimi has been working full time as a Visual Storyteller, filling his days with visual recordings, illustrating strategies/visions, making explainer videos, and making fine art. Jimi has with his partner Frank Høedt the company HoedtHolstebro (, where those skills are set to use.


Before that Jimi worked 10 years with management in educational institutions for kids and youth with cognitive disabilities.


He comes from a background in the fine and conceptual arts. Has a Master of Fine Arts from DJK a Master of Communications from RUC, a bachelor in management, and a diploma as a trained process facilitator.


Competencies that Jimi has been attuning in the pursuit of making Visual Facilitation common knowledge. A goal that now has been reached with the coming of Visual Facilitation as a diploma as part of the pedagogic bachelor education in the established educational system in Denmark.


Find more about Jimi on his website

and follow his activity on Instagram:





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