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True stories from the wild and woolly west. Also really lame jokes! Each episode I cover a real life person or event from the wild west era (gunfighters, outlaws, lawmen, Native Americans, frontiersmen, etc). I'm neither a historian nor a comedian, just a fan of history. I do, however, try to be as accurate as possible when covering these topics. All whilst dispensing dad jokes and totally butchering the English language.

Jun 14, 2021

This is a Podcast Swap, hosted by my friend Michael from the podcast Texas History Lessons! After you give this a listen make sure you check out his website for the latest episode of Texas History Lessons - hosted by yours truly - on the 1919 Texas Ranger Investigation!

Any mention of the Wild West brings up many images that books and film have ingrained in the American mind over decades.  Cowboys trailing cattle up the trail.  Bold Native American warriors fighting to preserve their way of life.  Settlers and soldiers determined to fight back and take the land that they felt they, somehow, deserved.  Surely many more can be listed but there are two that will definitely pop up.  The confident gunman that had a steady hand and a sure shot that would lay his opponent or opponents in the dust and the feuding families or associations of cattlemen that resorted to bloody violence to establish their control over the use of water and land.  In this episode of the Wild West Extravaganza we are taking a look at one of the steadiest and best shots of all gunmen, Commodore Perry Owens, and his role in the bloodiest range feud in American history, Arizona’s Pleasant Valley War.

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