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True stories from the wild and woolly west. Also really lame jokes! Each episode I cover a real life person or event from the wild west era (gunfighters, outlaws, lawmen, Native Americans, frontiersmen, etc). I'm neither a historian nor a comedian, just a fan of history. I do, however, try to be as accurate as possible when covering these topics. All whilst dispensing dad jokes and totally butchering the English language.

Jan 25, 2021

In the summer of 1868 Major George A. Forsyth, under orders from General Sheridan, raised a company of fifty "first-class hardy frontiersmen" to seek out and engage hostile Native Americans. These scouts soon found themselves outnumbered and surrounded by hundreds of Cheyenne warriors as they took refuge on a little sandbar in the middle of the Arikaree river. What followed is now known as the battle of Beecher Island.

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The Battle of Beecher Island, by George A. Forsyth