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Ian and Chris welcome Chaz Fiorino to the Podcast and go deep on Portland. We have an update on Rafael Devers. We go into the intrigue of Aneury Tavarez spend more time as a Sea Dog. Chaz and Ian play bullpen bingo with the Portland 'pen. We peer into the mailbag to find out just what we have in both Ben Taylor and Jamie Callahan and we bid a parting tribute to our friend and now former colleague Matt Heugel.

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Podcast Show Notes

2:00 - We wish our good friend Matt Heugel a fond farewell. 4:00 - Intros, Housekeeping, email us and Remeber to check us out on Patreon.
6:30 - April in Portland
9:30 - Portland Hitters
27:30 - Portland Starters
41:00 - Portland's 'Pen
58:00 - It's the Ben Taylor Mailbag

Got a question? Want to hear more detail about what makes Greenville's rotation interesting? Or maybe you're looking for an update on the best outfield in the system. Email us.

Prospects mentioned at length:

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