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Chris and Ian welcome Mike Andrews, the Dude, His Dudeness, or el Duderino - if you're not into the whole brevity thing - to the Podcast just in time to go over the new rankings, because it's May at last. An end to April showers and Pawtucket rainouts. We also crown a new king atop the Sox Prospects ranking leaderboard. Ian, Chris and Mike go over the risers, fallers and all the rankings related news. Ian spends a minute sharing the latest from Pawtucket. And Chris cracks open the mail bag to get to your questions.

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Podcast Show Notes

2:00 - Intros, Housekeeping, email us and Remeber to check us out on Patreon..
8:00 - May Rankings - The New Top 20
38:30 - May Rankings - Charting 21 - 60
49:30 - It's Mailbag time
1:13:00 - Pawtucket News

Got a question? Is it time to challenge the wisdom of the Rankings Committee? Want more depth on Pawtucket and what's up with Henry Owens, Blake Swihart and International man of Mystery Rusney Castillo? Email us.

Prospects mentioned at length:

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