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Daniel Bader, Andrew Martonik, and Jerry Hildenbrand are here with a mix of follow up and piping hot news for your listening pleasure. They discuss the performance on in-display fingerprint sensors and innovations in charging thanks to Gallium nitride. Additionally, Google is adding data encryption to Project Fi. That's great, but what's the catch? Is there a catch?

Our sister site, Thrifter, is sponsoring the show this week — and with Black Friday on the horizon Jared DiPane speaks with Daniel some of the best deals for Android fans.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." – Arthur C. Clarke

This week, Google release an update to their camera app for Pixel phones with a feature called Night Sight. It enables low-light photography in a way that has never been done as effectively before now.

Finally, the crew about the OnePlus Type-C Bullets vs. Google Pixel USB-C earbuds. Which of these low cost headphones are the best choice for you?

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