Uncommon Sense
The Podcast of the Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton, where we talk about everything under the sun with a Chestertonian perspective, as well as the writings and legacy of G.K. Chesterton himself. The podcast is hosted by Grettelyn Darkey and Joe Grabowski. Want to give us feedback? Email podcast@chesterton.org.

In this episode, Joe and Grettelyn speak with Chris Stefanick about spreading the love of Christ, helping people live holier lives and marriages, and more!

Chris is the founder and president of Real Life Catholic. Real Life Catholic is an organization that shares the love of Jesus and helps others do the same. Go check out their life-changing courses today coaching.reallifecatholic.com.

For the new marriage course mentioned in the video, visit reallifecatholic.com/marriage.

For Dale Ahlquist's book, The Story of the Family, visit chesterton.org/store/product/the-story-of-the-family.

For the Annual Chesterton Conference, visit chesterton.org/conference.

For the Chesterton Schools Network: chestertonschoolsnetwork.org.

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0:00 Introduction
1:20 Focusing on the local
3:09 What is Real Life Catholic?
4:09 Back to basics
6:38 The transforming love of Christ
8:25 Quoting Chesterton!
10:57 Chris's experience of the Chesterton Schools Network
12:29 The mystery of the Incarnation (and no heresy)
14:25 Renewed: Real Life Catholic's new marriage initiative
17:36 The gift of marriage
19:09 The importance of renewing marriage commitments
21:37 How God forms us in marriage
25:20 Signing off

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