Uncommon Sense
The Podcast of the Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton, where we talk about everything under the sun with a Chestertonian perspective, as well as the writings and legacy of G.K. Chesterton himself. The podcast is hosted by Grettelyn Darkey and Joe Grabowski. Want to give us feedback? Email podcast@chesterton.org.

In this episode of Uncommon Sense, Grettelyn and Albert welcome back Nancy Brown to discuss her newest book, G.K. Chesterton and Our Lady. They discuss why the book was written and open up some of the writings on the inside. It is a wonderful insight into Chesterton's admiration of The Blessed Mother.

The book is available at:
G.K. Chesterton and Our Lady – Store | Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton


Interested in Nancy's new book, Chesterton and Our Lady? Now through October 7, 2022, receive a free copy when you sign up to be a Knight of the Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton. Learn more at chesterton.org/knights


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