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Hosted by Edward Walton, Andrea Fisher, Rod Trent, and Brodie Cassell, the Microsoft Security Insights Show provides information, news, tips on the Microsoft Security Solutions including Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure, and Microsoft 365. 

Sep 22, 2023

This episode…

Our original guest had fallen ill (and has already been rescheduled for October 11th) and Brodie couldn’t find a restroom, so Edward, Andrea, and Rod spent the time hitting a wide range of topic hotspots including:

  1. Microsoft Ignite is almost sold out. (register quickly!)

  2. Andrea reached her 10-year milestone and has the award to prove it.

  3. Microsoft Defender Experts - the Steve Lee show had the biggest traffic yet!

  4. The best movies of the week are…

  5. Triumph the insult dog

  6. Tom Cruise celebrates his 110th birthday

  7. Security cocktails

  8. Trying to be nice

  9. Purview is important

  10. Microsoft cert renewals

  11. Matt Soseman




The full experience replay…