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Aug 19, 2021

On episode 75 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leader Tim Sackett is joined by special guest Joss Leufrancois to discuss all things Visage, what ROI Tim has gotten by using Visage at his company, and how companies can quickly improve their hiring abilities. 

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1:00 - We have a fun guest on the podcast today! Please welcome to your ears Joss Leufrancois from Visage

4:00 - Tim notes how it’s hard for a recruiter to be good at sourcing since they often have to go and seek that training and knowledge on their own. 

5:30 - Joss mentions how at Visage they don’t believe that AI will solve everything and how we need people to deal with the ambiguity in job postings.

7:30 -  Tim praises Visage for helping his employees to do less work with a new piece of technology. 

9:15 - Tim found that he got a 6 to 1 ROI while using Visage.

14:30 - Tim asks Joss what he is seeing with this mass influx of hiring in almost all markets. He says that companies are changing what they require out of candidates and he doesn’t know if the market will stabilize any time soon in the next 15-24 months.

17:30 - Tim says that there are simply not enough workers to fill all of the open jobs that exist for the next few years. 

19:30 - Tim mentions how most people want to go have some experience in the office but they still want the flexibility to work remotely when it’s convenient for them.

22:30 - Final question: what can organizations do to improve quickly? Joss says that choosing a concrete long-term plan of remote vs. in person work and making it well known will help be more transparent to candidates.

24:30 - Tim has his new recruiters work in the office full time until they are comfortable enough and proficient enough to start working remotely. 

26:15 - You can find Joss at Visage’s website or on his LinkedIn! Check him out.