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JB Podcast 54:  New Brunswick 3 Day Weekend Report <span style="font-weight:bold;"><a href="">Direct Download:  JB54.mp3</a></span>

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<span style="font-style:italic;">In honor of the 3 Day Weekend underground music festival in New Brunswick this weekend, we're saluting the New Brunswick music scene - past, present, and future<span style="font-weight:bold;"></span></span>.

P.E.D. - "I Am The Sam"

<a href="">Sticks & Stones</a> - "Need"

<a href=" ">Separate Peace</a> - "The Lot"

Detention - "Dead Rock N Rollers"
NOTE:  Bobby Ebz was in Genocide, not Detention.  No one in Detention ever got tossed through a plate glass window at the Court Tavern.

<a href="">Loose</a> - "Truth"

<a href="">The Blisters</a> - "Welcome Mat"

<a href="">Deadguy</a> - "Running With Scissors"

<a href="">Ex Number Five</a> - "Go"

<a href="">One Nature</a> - "Subject To Change"

<a href="">Bionic Rhoda</a> - "Tricycle"

<a href="">Aviso'Hara</a> - "Bradley Wake Up"

<a href="">The Atomic Missiles</a> - "The War Is Over"

<a href="">Screaming Females</a> - "Sports"

<a href="">Rapid Cities</a> - "In My Mind"

<a href="">Full of Fancy</a> - "Lads In Training"

<a href="">For Science</a> - "Leaving New Brunswick"
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