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The Skullers - She Denies Herself The Things She Loves
Scoville Unit - Back Of My Mind
Successful Failures - Everywhere She Goes It's Raining
Defecting Grey - Make It Impossible
Dinosaur Stampede - The Enabler
Mal Blum - Things Still Left To Say
She/Her/Hers - Kill The Boy Band
Amanda Rose Riley - Millennials Are Getting Gray
Frieda's Roses - Need To Be Free
Genya Ravan - Don't Go To The Bathroom
Sex Hogs II - Forever
Leland Sundries - Food Court Blues
Shayfer James - New York Doesn't Remind Me Of You
Wyuldlife - Neon Nightmare
Big Cheese - Golden
Brat Curse - Sweat Pants Lawyer
Grim Deeds - Past Your Prime
Philly Boy Roy - Punk Rock Girl
Mickey PG - White Guy Playing Guitar
GRLwood - I Hate My Mom
Rick Barry - Signing Off

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