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Jersey Beat Podcast 18:  Jersey Rocks...Then & Now

Wow, what a show!!

First, a look back at two of the most important bands of NJ's new-wave era, Mod Fun and The Bongos. Then we've got three - count 'em - three exclusive podcast debuts from Val Emmich, Hero Pattern, and The Milwaukees.  We finish up with some new music that's tickled our fancy recently.  Let's rock!

I Am With You - Mod Fun
Glow In The Dark (Live)  - The Bongos
Pinkerton's Assorted Colors - The Anderson Council
In The Congo - The Bongos
The Bulrushes - Mod Fun
Decadent Decline - Val Emmich
Don't Even Miss Me - Hero Pattern
Breakup Song - the Milwaukees
Jupiter - Thomas Martin & The Martinis
Leave It All Behind - Postmark Twain
Blank Ammunition - The Challenged

Intro:  "DIY" by The Cucumbers
Outro: "Visiting Hours" by LandSpeedRecord

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