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Our look back at the best of 2006 continues with picks from Podcasts #14 through #26, although we start out with a holiday treat, a live track by yours truly recorded at Positively First Street in Carlstadt NJ just before Christmas...


The Festivus Song - JimTesta



Channels - To the New Mandarins


Matt Duke - The Love We'll Never Know


Report Suspicious Activity - Things We Lost In The Fire


Short Attention - Co-Ed Kelly #12


For Science - Kirsten Dunst



The Unlovables - Fuck The World

Short Attention - Double Deuce


Jeffrey Lewis - Sal's Pizza

Tris McCall - An Ass of You And Me


The Anderson Council - Pinkerton's Assorted Colors

Val Emmich - Decadent Decline


Rachel Zamsteen - 1984


The Backbeat - Just So You Know

The Consequence - Break Out & Take It  To The Floor



The Asst Principals - Space Monster



The Zatopeks - Death && The Hobo


Kevin Devine - The Burning City Smoke
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