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On this episode of the Jersey Beat podcast we go from power-pop to heavy metal to pop-punk to indie folk and back again, including a Podcast Exclusive from Readymade Breakup's soon-to-be released CD "Isn't That What It's For?"

Readymade Breakup - Starting To End (JB Podcast Exclusive!)


Johnny Action Figure - Like A Canary


The Blakes - New Tattoo


Aiming for Angels - Getaway Driver


Anthrophobia - Trip Fontaine


ashes.are.nutritious - G.P.D.




The Copyrights - Weapons Of Math Destruction


The BadAmps - Highschool Sweetheart



Weston - Retarded


Career Club - Megan


Ghost of Lester Bangs - Sinking Battleships


Kate Hart - I Kill Bugs


Kevin Devine - Trouble  

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