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Jersey Beat Podcast #5 - "All Ages Show"

Jersey Beat Podcast #5 - All Ages Show

Featuring artists 21 years old or younger, with unreleased,  exclusive tracks from NYC's Hysterics and CT's The Knockouts.

"Uptight Staircase" - Hysterics
"Tell" - Look Look
"Where Has Rock N Roll Gone?" - The Knockouts
"Posterboy" - Jersey Calling
"Take It Back!" - Delay
"The Living North" - Joseph Ferocious
"My True Step" - Tin Armour
"Banana Split" - The Tattle Tales
"Don't Kill The Messenger" - Augmented
"Born To Crawl" - Anthony Fiumano

Our intro theme song is "Do It Yourself" by The Cucumbers and our outro theme is "Visiting Hours" by LandSpeedRecord!


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