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Jersey Beat Podcast 66: With A Little Help From My Friends This episode of the JB podcast was made possible by bands and labels from the Pop Punk Message Bored sending us these songs, as my main computer is down and I don't have access to my iTunes library. Thanks to my reliable if refurbished iBook G4, the show can - and must - go on! Direct Download: Used Kids - "Standing At A Bus Stop Waiting For The Train" [ Yeah No ] Blockhead - "If You Make It" [I'll Leave This Behind] Measure (SA) - "How To Thrash A Million" {Dangerous Intersections II ] The Jetty Boys - "I'll Be Fine" [Sheboygan ] Scott Marks - "Crimes N Violations" [ demo ] The Accelerators - "Go Get Your Brain Checked" [Accelerators ] Barrakuda McMurder - "I Broke Up With My Girlfriend (So I Could Write Pop Punk Songs)" [DI II ] Born Loser - "Hands" [Born Loser ] Transgressions - "I Want To Be Your Christian Slater" [Waste My Time EP] Sci Fi Nightmares - "Hatchet Part 1" [ Hatchet ] Kepi Ghoulie & Jerry Hormone - "The Next In Line" [The Lives & Loves Of... ] Shang A Lang - "Don't Bring Him ARound" [DI IV ] Troublemake - "Rhetoric of Hope" [Troublemake/Turkish Techno Split EP ] Turkish Techno - "Math Not Meth" [Troublemake/Turkish Techno Split EP ] Sci Fi Nightmares - "Hatchet Part 2" [ hatchet ] Dead Mechanical - "Poison Bearer" [DI II } Like Bats - "Lonely" [ Like Bats ] Closet Fairies - "SKUMPUNK" [DI III] Dopamines - "My Future's So Bright I Have To Wear Night Vision Goggles" [DI III ] The Side Project - :Get A New Brain" [New Brain EP] Strait A's - "Go Away" [ SI IV ] Geoff Useless - "Tell Me What" (Geoff Useless ] Red Phone Dispatch - "My Favorite Gentile" [Safety In Numbers ] Rumpspringer - "Give Me A Fucking Vowel" [Rumpspringer / Sleep Like A Log Split ] All-Star Assassins - "O.M.G. I Hate You" [Toe Tag Time In Teen Town Tonight ] "
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