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House Boat - Quivering
Connie Dungs - Paper Snow
Max Levine Ensemble - It's Make Out Time
Potatomen - The Day I Said Goodbye
Karmella's Game - Tour Boyfriends
Kurt Baker - Why You Gotta Lie
Army Coach - Day of Reason
The Copyrights - Face For Radio
The Dopamines - Car Trouble
Mikey Erg - Key Of C, Fix It Fix It Stop
Be My Doppelganger - I Need A Ride
Sun Puddles - Coffee Cup
Beatnik Termites - Somebody Else's Baby
The Marshmallows - Battle of the Sexy
Dead Mechanical - Last Show
Iron Chic - World's Greatest Detective
Dear Landlord - Park Bench
Direct Hit! - Boredom Addict
Emily's Army - West Coast
The Murderburgers - Beer, Don't Fail Me Now
The Quarantines - Robot Takeover
New Creases - Not Coming With
The Riverdales - Party At The Beach

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