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No-Guilt Disney Podcast

Apr 15, 2022

Heads up: there's some "behind the magic" talk around the 40 minute mark. If you listen with kiddos (hiiii kids!) you may want to pause if they are still believers in the fur characters.

And before we get started: we realize that "normal" is a word that means something different to everyone. Especially in this day and age. 

So are the Disney parks back to normal? It's looking a little like 2019 for the summer of 2022 with the return of a lot of programs and shows and hotels. 

This week we discuss some runDisney registration tips (yes, again, with a walkthrough of registration) and all the Disney news our little hearts could take!

Want to runDisney? No-Guilt Travel is a travel agency that specializes in Disney and runDisney vacations.

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