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No-Guilt Disney Podcast

Nov 20, 2023

By now, you have probably heard about Disney's Hollywood Studio's Jollywood Nights, the newest  Disney World Christmas Party hard ticket event.

And most of the news after the first party was dire. "Worst Disney experience EVER" "Disaster" "Cancel and refund ALL of it!" were thrown with whole chests all over the internet.

We were there on night 1- and it was absolutely not the dumpster fire people made it out to be. 

It wasn't that dramatic of a failure- most of the issues were absolutely correctable.

And guess what: they were based on what we saw with the night 2 party.

If you want a level-headed and honest review about what was done well, what wasn't, and what we were glad to see changed, this is the Jollywood Nights review for you.

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