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The Investors First Podcast

Feb 2, 2023

Our guests today are Dan Rasmussen and Bob Elliott. This is the first time both Dan and Bob have shared a podcast stage and they did not disappoint.

In today’s episode, we discuss Dan and Bob’s time at Bain Capital and Bridgewater and how that experience led to founding their respective firms. We then discuss the idea of return smoothing in venture capital, whether active management has an edge in this market environment, is alpha just beta waiting to be discovered, the flaws of private market indices, and much more.

Our host today is Steve Curley, CFA. Please enjoy the episode.


Dan is the Founder of Verdad, which is an independent research driven global asset management firm seeking to replicate private equity exposure in public markets. Prior to Verdad, Dan spent time at Bain Capital Private Equity and Bridgewater Associates. In 2017, Dan was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Dan earned an AB from Harvard College and a MBA from Stanford.

Bob is Co-Founder, CEO and CIO of Unlimited Funds, which uses machine learning to create low cost ETF’s to replicate the returns of classic hedge fund strategies. Prior to Unlimited, Bob was at Bridgewater Associates, where he served on Bridgewater’s investment committee, led Ray Dalio’s personal research team and authored hundreds of Bridgewater’s widely read Daily Observations. Bob holds a BA in History and Science from Harvard.

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