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The Investors First Podcast

Jan 21, 2021

Our guest today is Dr. Gio Valiante, Sports Psychologist and Performance Coach to professional athletes and investors. Gio has a fascinating background, which includes a 5 year stint at Point 72 with Steve Cohen (many know Steve and Gio’s dynamic via the hit show Billions on Showtime), 10+ years of coaching pro golfers on the PGA Tour, and most recently, Head Performance Coach of the Buffalo Bills.

Gio’s academic background includes a Master’s of Education at University of Florida, a Ph.D. from Emory University, and 13+ years as a College Professor at Rollins College.

In this episode, we discuss a variety of topics, including the successful traits of Gio’s clients, which includes both well known investors and professional athletes. We also talk about how ordinary investors and investment professionals (and even sales professionals) can train like a professional athlete to perfect their own craft.

Our local co-host today is Steve Curley, CFA, President of CFA Society Orlando and Director of Investment Strategy at Eaton Vance WaterOak Advisors.

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