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The Investors First Podcast

Aug 5, 2021

Gerard O’Reilly serves as Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Dimensional Fund Advisors LP and has been with Dimensional since 2004. Since joining the firm, Gerard has been instrumental in the evolution of Dimensional’s systematic approach to creating and implementing investment solutions. He is Co-Chair of the firm’s Investment Research Committee and a member of the Investment Committee, which oversees portfolio and account management. Prior to joining Dimensional, Gerard obtained his PhD in aeronautics from the California Institute of Technology. He holds a Master of Science degree in high performance computing from Trinity College Dublin in his native country of Ireland.

In today's episode, Gerard shares his journey to DFA and what makes DFA unique. We spend some time discussing the pros and cons of index funds, DFA’s recent launch of ETFs and conversion of Mutual Funds into ETFs, and their upcoming launch of SMAs. We also discuss expected returns, the need to account for the unexpected, and the longer-term viability of the size, value, and profitability premiums, along with the discipline needed to capture these premiums over time.

Our local co-hosts today are Frank Garcia, CFA, president of the CFA Society of Orlando, and Steve Curley, CFA, board member and former president of the CFA Society Orlando.

Please enjoy the episode.

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