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The Investors First Podcast

May 4, 2023

Today we host Jan van Eck for the second time on the Investors First Podcast. Jan is the CEO of VanEck, a global asset manager with over $57 billion in assets under management, including ETF’s, mutual funds, SMA’s, UCITS and more. Since our first recording with Jan in April 2020, Jan took the initiative to create a financial history course at VanEck during the pandemic. Jan is a brilliant investment professional with a passion for financial history. Beyond VanEck’s work as a pioneer in the asset management business, we wanted to highlight the great work he is doing (beyond managing money) in this episode. 


In today’s episode, we speak about Jan’s financial history curriculum, railroads as the first internet of the United States, the philosophical debate continuing between Hamiltonians and Jeffersonians, the concentration of power with ETF’s (and politicization of ESG), predicting the future and much more. 


Our host today are Steve Curley, CFA & today’s guest host is Chris Cannon, CFA (Chief Investment Officer, FirsTrust).


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