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The Investors First Podcast

Aug 24, 2023

Our guest today is Orlando’s own fantasy football expert, KC Joyner. KC used to work for ESPN and now runs his own website called The Football Scientist. We’ve had lots of amazing podcast guests since we started in March 2020, but since last year’s episode with KC was the second most downloaded episode of any episode we’ve had, we had to invite him back on.  


In today’s episode, KC explains how another past podcast guest Peter Zeihan’s geopolitical framework applies to fantasy football. We cover a range of topics to get you prepped for your draft, and KC was kind enough to give our listeners a discount to his draft guide, so visit and use the code CFA for a discount on his draft guide and season-long packages. 


Our co-hosts today are Steve Curley, CFA, and myself, Colby Donovan, CFA. Please enjoy the episode. 


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