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The Investors First Podcast

Apr 7, 2022

Our guest today is Rick Bookstaber, co-founder and Head of Risk for Fabric, which provides factor-based risk management applications for investment advisors. Rick resume is as impressive as you can come across. He’s held Chief Risk Officer roles at Morgan Stanley, Salomon, Bridgewater, and the University of California pension. He also worked at the U.S. Treasury post-2008 and helped write the Volcker Rule. He’s the author of The End of Theory and A Demon of Our Own Design.


In today’s episode, we start with Rick’s framework for looking at risk and what the cockroach can teach us about sound portfolio construction and risk management. Then Rick shares what he thinks are some of the biggest risks in the market today, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine and rising inflation and interest rates and QT.


Finally, we get into his newest venture and why he chose to start a firm on helping financial advisors and individuals with risk management.  


Our co-hosts today are Steve Curley, CFA, and myself, Colby Donovan. Please enjoy the episode. 


Please enjoy our episode with Fabric’s Rick Bookstaber.  


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