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Jun 28, 2024

We’re on the edge of our seats with the potential Ethereum ETF launch just days away. Are ETH ETF products finally going to be tradeable next week?

Solana is also in the spotlight, hinting at its own ETF while rolling out impressive innovations like ZK Compression and Blinks.

The Blast token has also finally dropped!...

Jun 27, 2024

David is joined by Leighton Cusack and Matt Metkov, two members of PleasrDAO, the organization that owns and is releasing the Wu-Tang Album. 

The Wu-Tang Clan created a unique album, “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin,” to combat music’s devaluation in the digital age. It was bought by Martin Shkreli in 2015, who later...

Jun 26, 2024

Is the crypto bull market over? The crypto sentiment has suddenly flipped bearish. The skeptics are saying that the ETH ETF will amount to nothing. Gox will dump on you. There are no new crypto use cases. There’s too much token supply. The bearish list goes on.

So what gives? Is this just summertime slowness or is...

Jun 25, 2024

What if the information anarchy of the internet spells the downfall of liberalism?

Economist Noah Smith and Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin join us for a fascinating discussion on why Authoritarianism might be the answer to the current information warfare. Yes, you heard that right.

We start the episode by defining...

Jun 24, 2024

Why should we fight for Freedom of Speech?

That’s the question that Free Speech Lawyer and Writer Greg Lukianoff helps us answer today.

Using first principles, Greg goes deep into the importance of Freedom of Speech, “Free Speech Culture”, what happens to Free Speech when new technologies like the printing press...