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Oct 9, 2023

Hey friend. Have you ever found yourself replaying past pain over and over in your mind? Or even reliving the pain and asking “why?” 


I’ve been there, too.


Recently, I attended a women’s conference and God spoke some eye-opening things into my heart. He reminded me that there is purpose in the pain. There is growth in the pain. And perhaps most importantly…. God sees us in our pain.


In the Bible, we can read the story of Hagar. In today’s terms, we would say she was “used and abused.” She endured pain that just didn’t make sense. But as her story continued to unfold, we are shown how God saw her in her pain, how He was with her in her pain, how He called her by name and how He blessed her when she chose obedience. 


I’m sharing Hagar’s story on the podcast today, and walking you through the first steps you need to take when it comes to your own healing journey. I’m praying this episode brings peace, hope and breakthrough to your life today. 




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