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All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

Apr 12, 2024

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(0:00) Bestie Intros: J-Cal is out this week!

(0:57) All-In Summit 2024 Announcement

(3:10) Nvidia's market position, Collapse of Western cities, State of the cloud market

(17:30) Inflation stays hotter than expected for the third straight month: chance of a...

Apr 5, 2024

(0:00) Meet All-In's new CEO: Jon Haile!

(7:13) FTX Correction: Depositors are not getting "made whole"

(19:26) Trump Media updates

(27:12) Google considering bid to acquire HubSpot: Price, relevancy, feasible with regulators? Should Google investors be worried or excited?

(49:20) AI job loss fears go mainstream,...

Mar 29, 2024

(0:00) Bestie Intros: Late night poker snacks!

(2:33) SBF sentenced to 25 years

(16:41) Trump's meme SPAC: modern trading card, protest vote, or something else?

(34:59) RFK Jr. selects Nicole Shanahan as VP

(47:46) Biden's budget plan for 2025: how to confront America's existential crisis?

(1:11:59) Science Corner: Why...

Mar 22, 2024

(0:00) Bestie Intros: Don't spoil Dune 2!

(0:55) DOJ drops antitrust suit on Apple

(23:36) Apple reportedly in talks with Google and OpenAI to power AI features on iPhone

(32:17) NAR settlement: how it impacts residential real estate going forward

(44:30) Microsoft's "Shadow Acquihire" of Inflection AI

(48:43) How the...

Mar 15, 2024

(0:00) Bestie Intros!

(1:02) Friedberg's newest family members

(7:13) Tech's vibe shift: More candidness, less PR-speak from top CEOs

(22:47) OpenAI CTO slips up on training data: did OpenAI train Sora on YouTube videos?

(28:58) Vertical AI startups flourishing: Cognition launches Devin, what will this do to...