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All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

Apr 11, 2020

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0:01 Jason & Chamath catch us up on their quarantines

1:20 Chamath intros David Sacks

4:40 David explains what their poker group chat has been like since COVID-19 started, and how Jason, Chamath & himself fall on the optimistic/pessimistic spectrum

6:58 How have the past few months defined David's view on the world, and what is his reaction to the US government's response?

12:22 Did the US health apparatus do its job? How could it improve? Why aren't masks already mandated?

19:33 Culture clash between scientific experts & entrepreneurs, thoughts on Chloroquine as a treatment method

27:00 Are US bureaucrats taking the intelligence of US citizens for granted? How liable is Trump?

30:08 David gives his plan to reboot the economy: what now? How does the US avoid a recession/depression?

36:22 Chamath & Jason assess David's plan

43:21 Have the stimulus packages & SMB loans been enough? Will the trickle-down approach work?

49:21 Should the US be allowing companies to declare bankruptcy? How should they decide who gets aid and who does not?

52:02 Chamath explains how corporate debt works through the lens of Ford

56:42 Why is the US not giving a larger % of the stimulus to average Americans? Chances of unrest if quarantine continues?

1:02:17 Trump vs. Biden: who has the edge in 2020 right now?

1:11:24 Was Jack Dorsey's $1B donation the strongest move of 2020 so far?