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All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

May 1, 2021

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MIT Technology Review - Some vaccinated people are still getting covid. Here’s why you shouldn’t worry.

David Sacks on Medium - Caitlyn Jenner Is Right: Crime is the #1 Issue in California and Gavin Newsom Bears Ultimate Responsibility


Show Notes:

0:00 Bestie intro, Jason's trip recap

2:47 Sacks on hypocrisy and virtue signaling surrounding wearing masks post-vaccination, Biden's address

16:07 Pandemic lessons

30:02 Immigration, Americans self-selecting as hard workers, understanding two different types of immigration

48:04 How Darwinian free trade has negatively impacted the US middle class

1:00:44 Caitlyn Jenner for CA Governor, crime & homelessness

1:07:48 Big Tech earnings