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Nov 20, 2022

In this episode, we are rewinding to the Women’s Wellness IG Live Series from March 2022 that I did with 5 AMAZING women talking about The Importance of Women’s Wellness. We break our wellness down into 5 categories… Emotional, Health, Physical Health, Marriage, and Financial. Listen in as we talk about Marriage Wellness with Laura Gethers.

Laura Gethers is a woman of God who desires to bring Him glory, through her many roles as a wife, mother of two, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. Gethers has a heart for marriage and families, specifically strengthening the family unit by providing support to married couples. Gethers is the visionary and coach behind Love Harder Marriage Coaching, LLC. She wrote and published her very first book titled, “Your Marriage Is Worth Fighting For.”Gethers' book is a 30 Day Devotional, encouraging couples to use love and prayer as their weapons when fighting for their marriage. Gethers is also the creator of the "How to Fight Fair" workshop, which is an interactive couples conflict resolution workshop.

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