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Nov 27, 2022

In this episode, we are rewinding to the Women’s Wellness IG Live Series from March 2022 that I did with 5 AMAZING women talking about The Importance of Women’s Wellness. We break our wellness down into 5 categories… Emotional, Health, Physical Health, Marriage, and Financial. Listen in as we talk about Financial Wellness with Tiffany Burns.

Tiffany Burns is a Money & Mindset Coach, Wife, and Mother of Three living in Howard County, Maryland. After growing up in a home where money management wasn't taught, Tiffany made many money mistakes in early adulthood and eventually found that she and her husband were $91,000 in consumer debt. They successfully paid that debt off in 3 years. During her debt-free journey, Tiffany became immersed in the world of personal finances and became a Certified Financial Coach to empower and educate others on the mindset and proven methods to redefine their lives, so they enjoy more of their money now while creating legacies for their families and communities.

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