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Jan 14, 2024

Reign has been in the beauty business for two decades with an interest in the industry as early as middle school when she started as a hair braider. She is deeply knowledgeable about self-care and self-care products and takes pride in learning and being aware of all the trends in beauty and self-care so she can always recommend the very best products and services to her clients. One of her most important missions is to give back to her community and help lead and guide others who are entering the salon industry. But she also loves people and enjoys offering a relaxing and safe space for her clients to share whatever is on their minds if they so choose.

Reign now does more speaking and educating organizations and individuals on the benefits of self-care and wellness and learning how to avoid burnout through daily practices that promote relaxation. Organizations can now hire her to speak to their team about ways to improve their practices for a healthy balanced life. Join us as she shares her journey behind the business! 

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