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What The Actual Fork Podcast

Jan 6, 2023

Bestselling Author Brooke Heberling is unapologetically changing the way many people look at people who suffer from eating disorders, addiction, and mental illness through raw and real storytelling. Her debut novel Protecting Her Peace is bound to be passed from person to person as its wisdom and love are exactly what those who suffer in silence need to step into the light. Brooke’s words will seep into your soul, and her contagious tone of self-acceptance breaks the generational chains that bond us to our misunderstood imperfections. We talk about Brookes eating disorder experience, how to care for someone with an eating disorder, what eating disorder treatment is like. Listen for a real and deep conversation about eating disorders and breaking the cycle of disordered eating in families. Trigger warning: if talk of eating disorders is sensitive for you, be cautious with this episode and take care of YOU!



Protecting Her Peace:

911 for emergency services or call 988 the 24/7 suicide and crisis lifeline