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What The Actual Fork Podcast

Jan 13, 2023

Justin is a passionate multi-hyphenate, entrepreneur, and TEDx speaker, recently in the cast of Broadway's Tina: The Tina Turner Musical. He owns and runs a six-figure headshot photography studio in New York City, Jshoots, and is an Authenticity & Personal Brand Strategist and content creator with a diverse roster of clients and a following of over 215k across multiple social platforms. 


As a consultant to CEOs, politicians, mega-influencers, & creatives, he considers social media a tool for self-discovery and empowers his clients to explore their authenticity through content creation.  Justin encourages those around him to step into their power and dig deeply into deservingness in a way they previously hadn't. 

He works daily to create a world where people feel empowered to live their loudest, most authentic lives and truly human well! To prove it, this week we discuss showing up as your authentic self, imposter syndrome, and owning your uniqueness and light. Find him on IG @justinschumanofficial