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What The Actual Fork Podcast

Dec 16, 2022

After dancing for 20 years, studying Exercise Science in undergrad, being beat up by diet culture, and eventually falling into compulsive exercise and disordered eating, Maya sought to create something to help women flourish. During Maya’s Master of Public Health Program, she created a workout program, Raise The Barre! This addressed how women are under immense pressure to maintain a certain body type that changes every decade and go on extreme diets and exercise plans to try and change their bodies. Those diets, they fail 95% of the time and weight regain happens within 1-5 years. Her research project showed that we can help women feel better in their bodies, without changing them leading to the creation of Barre Empowered! A joyful movement, non-diet, and body empowering approach to exercise that leaves you feeling uplifted, empowered, and inspired. Together we discuss boundaries with movement, your “why” for exercise, and prepare for holiday diet culture messages. Find her on IG @barreempowered