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What The Actual Fork Podcast

May 27, 2022

James Rose (they/she) is a non-binary New York City-based actor, Health At Every Size personal trainer, trauma-informed yoga teacher, and the co-host of the Full Soul Nutrition Podcast. This episode was first released during Transgender Awarenss Week in 2020 and James graciously shares their experience exploring their gender identity in addition to how that has impacted their relationship with food and body. In this episode we talk all about James’ eating disorder experience, gender identity exploration, and body dysmorphia vs body dysphoria. This episode is one of our most important EVER as we talk about things we haven’t in any other episode! It’s so critical to learn more about how to support, uplift, and respect trans folx and we are so happy you’re here to learn with us! Find James on IG @jamesissmiling