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What The Actual Fork Podcast

Sep 2, 2022

Kira Onysko is a certified personal trainer and holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. She entered the fitness world during the days when skinny teas and bikini competitors dominated social media. Because of that, she spent several years never feeling satisfied with her body, chasing the workout and eating habits of what she thought were her "healthy" role models, and as a result, developed disordered eating habits and a terrible relationship with her body. She now dedicates her career to teaching people how to find joy in exercise without letting it consume their lives, and how to fight back from the constant messaging both on and off-line that tells us that our bodies aren't good enough. In this episode we talk about shredding for the wedding, why aesthetic fitness goals are unrealistic, and how to find peace with exercise. Find her on IG @kiraonysko