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What The Actual Fork Podcast

Apr 8, 2022

This week on the pod we have 3 very important people on the pod. Chelsea Shafer (WTAF podcast manager & dietetic intern), Anna Crum (FFF registered dietitian & social media director), and Allison Mandel (WTAF intern & dietetic intern) come together to talk about what it’s like to be a dietetic intern as a student who knows about intuitive eating and HAES. Dietetics internships (DI) are weight centric much like the majority of dietitians and the rest of healthcare providers, which can make being a dietetic intern committed to practicing HAES particularly challenging.In this episode you’ll hear them laughing, ranting, and everything in between! They talk about how they found IE, examples of fat phobia in dietetic internships, and tips to get through your internship.