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What The Actual Fork Podcast

Mar 29, 2020

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 1 of the Drunk Dietitians Podcast, co-hosted by your favorite tipsy Registered Dietitians Sammy Previte (co-owner of Dietitians of Palm Valley) and Jenna Werner (Owner of Happy Strong Healthy). These dietitian besties can’t stand diet culture bullsh*t and love keeping it real! Their mission is for all humans to believe that they are made for so much more than chasing a smaller body. They are also here to share with you that food can be fun and pleasurable again. Although these ladies are medical professionals, they are human too! They are not afraid to share their deepest secrets and how years of their lives were taken by diet culture. In Episode 1, these ladies take a deep dive into their past and how diet culture has impacted their lives and the women they are today. Cheers!