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Create Clarity and Make Great Decisions In Your Business

What can make your business thrive, even in difficult times? Without question, it’s your spirit.

With spirit, you can face and solve every business challenge, contribute to making a better world and enjoy your life at the same time It will be your most valuable asset in the coming months and years.

Hosted by Matt Murphy, author of "Dream to Realisation: The Business Owner's Journey" and Sarah McCrum, author of "Love Money, Money Loves You."

Aug 31, 2020

How do you know the real value of your personal contribution to your business? It’s easy to feel self-doubt and a lack of clarity around your real value, even if everyone else can see exactly who you are and what you bring to the organisation. It’s very helpful when you can see it too because it gives you...

Aug 24, 2020

Do you ever find yourself getting comfortable when you reach one of your goals? And then your results start to drop off because you’re not paying so much attention to that part of your business. This episode explores how we can shift out of the cycle of hard work and comfort zones into a way of growing and investing...

Aug 17, 2020

Explore a new way of valuing each other and building an economy that is based on principles that can help us create a world that works for all. This requires some deep thinking about how we do business and what’s most important at this time in our evolution.



Aug 11, 2020

When you see business relationships and partnerships fall apart or end up in conflict you can begin to wonder whether it’s possible to have true friends in business. And at the same time, good business relies on great relationships. So how can we make that work?





Aug 4, 2020


Introducing special guest, Terry McCosker, who’s been on the cutting edge for over 40 years in his agricultural consultancy with its powerful focus on regenerative farming. How can you talk about important new ideas and engage people who aren’t yet familiar with them? How can you be influential rather than...