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The Tech Savvy Lawyer

Apr 2, 2024

After nine years in private practice, Mathew founded Subscription Attorney LLC, pioneering a model that leverages automation and artificial intelligence to provide accessible legal services. Mathew is a recipient of the James I. Keane Award and a member of the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System’s Above the Line Network. Also, he placed third in the Individual category for the American Legal Technology Awards, solidifying his impact on legal innovation.

In this episode, Mathew and I explore the innovative realm of subscription-based legal services. He covers topics from efficient workflows to ethical considerations and shares insights on transforming legal practice through technology.

Tune in to gain actionable insights and discover new possibilities in legal service delivery!

Join Mathew and me as we discuss the following three questions and more.

  1. What are the top three key pieces of software hardware needed to make a legal subscription model work connecting the client with an attorney?

  2. What are the top three workflows that work behind the scenes to make the business more efficient?

  3. Given that technology allows attorneys to cross state lines, what are the top three Legal Ethics concerns attorneys should have when offering a subscription model?

In our conversation, we cover the following:

[01:07] Mathew’s Current Tech Setup

[37:58] Revolutionizing Legal Subscription Models: Key Software, Hardware, and Ethical Considerations

[46:12] Streamlining Business Efficiency: Time Blocking, Social Media Automation, and Document Automation

[50:51] Legal Ethics in Subscription-Based Practices

[54:43] Where to Find Mathew Online


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