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Showtime with Jordan von Haslow & Friends

Jan 30, 2024

Jill Monroe specializes as an Event Coordinator, Management & Media Consultant. Monroe has over 20 years experience working in Digital Media & advanced technologies under the umbrella of "UltraViolet Media Holdings."

Monroe is a seasoned advertising executive with successful newspaper & magazine projects with Southern Illinois University & Pulitzer, Inc. Her national newspaper experience includes projects with Dolan Media Company. While working in traditional print media, she joined one of the 1st streaming radio platforms on the internet as a weekly radio show producer and host. She produced, edited & promoted a weekly show for over 10 years. Her current online radio work includes streaming superstation Real Music Radio based in Los Angeles, California. Her voice-over experience includes commercials on iHeart Radio.

Realizing the opportunities of digital media and music, Monroe began networking with music artists to establish their digital footprint online. Her consulting expanded to A&R services and transition of "legacy artists" to digital media platforms.

Working on behalf of several artists, Monroe has provided services for such events as The Grammys & Oscars.  These services include contract negotiations, capital movement management, film location coordination, red carpet appearances & talent liaison services.

Monroe also supports the fashion and culinary event "The Purple Paisley Brunch" created by Model & Media Personality Tonya Giddens.

She can be found online at