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What if your divorce was actually a gift? The Divorced Women’s Guide podcast aims to change the conversation around divorce, helping women (and men) start the new best chapter in their lives. After all, divorce can be more than a transition phase, it can be an empowering experience. And through the conversations on the podcast you’ll come away with a new perspective, so you can turn your divorce into the best gift you’ve ever been given.

Mar 23, 2021

One of the hardest things I had to do in the divorce process was to look at myself in the mirror and take responsibility for how I spoke to my now ex-husband.

There are profound lessons to be learned when we face the past and begin the journey of forgiveness, starting with ourselves. The weight of our past pushes against what’s possible for the future, making it nearly impossible to embrace new opportunities.

Have you considered what the cost will be if you don’t forgive yourself? Once we pause and understand the true value of self-compassion, we’re better able to understand the urgency in facing our mistakes and moving forward.

In this episode, I’m sharing the power of self-forgiveness and the simple questions you can ask yourself to remove the weight of the responsibilities you’re carrying, making room for love and compassion in your life.

Three Things You’ll Love About This Episode:

  • Understand how to deal with anger from past choices
    • It’s a natural instinct to turn away from feelings of anger and resentment that surface from the memories of past mistakes. When we embrace that pain and work through it, we’re learning the process of letting go, making room for better things.
  • Learn the difference between condoning behavior and accepting what happened
    • Part of our resistance to forgiving others is getting wrapped up in the idea that by letting it go we’re condoning what they did. Learn the process of working through past events and maintaining clear boundaries of behavior you will condone in the future.
  • Find out how self-compassion can make you kinder to others
    • True happiness begins with ourselves. Learn the questions I asked myself to get to the bottom of the pain I was holding onto and how focusing on treating myself with kindness created a more authentic version of myself.