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What if your divorce was actually a gift? The Divorced Women’s Guide podcast aims to change the conversation around divorce, helping women (and men) start the new best chapter in their lives. After all, divorce can be more than a transition phase, it can be an empowering experience. And through the conversations on the podcast you’ll come away with a new perspective, so you can turn your divorce into the best gift you’ve ever been given.

Feb 17, 2021

Most of the time, when divorces go horribly wrong it’s because we’re afraid of the unknown and what’s on the other side. As a result, we lawyer up to protect ourselves, but by doing that we’re only fueling the fire.

The truth is, far too many divorces end up messy because we put lawyers at the center of the process, instead of seeing them as just one piece in a complicated puzzle.

How can we stop our divorces from becoming more acrimonious than they need to be? If lawyers are only one piece of the puzzle, who else should we be looking to for support?

In this episode, Founder and CEO of Hello Divorce, Erin Levine shares how to make divorce an empowering experience. 

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Three Things You’ll Love About This Episode 


  • How irrationality leads to messy divorces:

    When our actions come from a place of fear, it's easy to slip into irrationality. Take a breath and focus on responding, rather than reacting when difficult issues arise.

  • How to get divorced without hiring a lawyer:

    We tend to think of lawyers as synonymous with divorce, but they don't need to be. If we can mediate through legal assistants or even a social worker, we can start the process from a more amicable, less aggressive foundation.

  • The key thing to remember when going through a difficult divorce:

    Many times, we’re so anxious to be done with the divorce process that we’re willing to do anything to speed it up. However, we have to resist that urge. Don’t risk losing something important for the sake of short-term relief. 


Guest Bio:

Erin Levine is a legal innovator, entrepreneur, speaker, and Certified Family Law Specialist. In addition to owning Levine Family Law Group, she is the Founder and CEO of Hello Divorce, an award-winning online platform that makes divorce easier, cheaper, and less stressful. Her mission is to change the conversation around divorce -- making the legal process transparent and the experience empowering, so you are set up for a positive co-parenting relationship and a happier, healthier next chapter. Erin’s legal technology and access to justice work has been recognized by the legal industry and beyond - with recent press features in Above the Law, Brit+Co, Forbes, Mind Body Green, LawSites, and Entrepreneur. Recent accomplishments include the American Bar Association‘s James I Keane Memorial Award for Excellence in E-lawyering and Duke University School of Law’s Legal Tech Accelerator - Grand Prize.


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