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What if your divorce was actually a gift? The Divorced Women’s Guide podcast aims to change the conversation around divorce, helping women (and men) start the new best chapter in their lives. After all, divorce can be more than a transition phase, it can be an empowering experience. And through the conversations on the podcast you’ll come away with a new perspective, so you can turn your divorce into the best gift you’ve ever been given.

Aug 2, 2022

“Divorce is the end of something, but it’s the beginning of something else,” says Shannon McGorry.

It was the circumstance that brought her to her true life purpose: to help women navigate through the difficult path of separation and the transition to a new life.

She shares her advice on fighting your fears of the future, letting go of resentment, taking that first step to self-healing, and appreciating your successes along the way.

Tune in to this episode on What's Next After Divorce with Shannon McGorry.

Key points covered in this episode: 

 ✔️In divorce, we’re stuck in a cycle of rumination. Shannon McGorry recommends writing your thoughts on paper. Dump it all down. What do you want to do? How do you want to spend your time? Journals have no constraints.

✔️Identify and combat fear. Fear shows up in the process, the loss, and the unknown. It’s a real problem for all of my clients. Pinpointing that fear is actually the first step in overcoming it.

 ✔️Make time to celebrate small wins. My clients forget to recognize that they’re making HUGE strides. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t there yet. Be proud of yourself for being courageous in taking action!

✔️Action cures fear. Don’t wait for that settlement to come through or that paperwork to be signed. A magic formula doesn’t exist. Only the choice to make the next step.

✔️Give yourself permission to dream. Making that decision to pursue change doesn’t have to be complicated. There’s no perfect way of doing it. Just getting your foot out the door is all you need.

✔️ Drain the resentment, and pivot yourself to your desires. It’s normal to resist having to face that emotional exhaustion. But it also takes so much to be proactive in finding the joy in your life again. Where do you want to channel your energy? It’s up to you.

Shannon McGorry is a Divorce Coach, passionate about creating a powerful shift in focus for women who refuse to be defined by divorce. Shannon is certified as a Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, a graduate of I Heart Coaching, and a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Siena College with a B.A. in Economics. Her powerful coaching skills empower women through their chapter of divorce as they build 'what's next' in life with intention and clarity. Learn more and connect with Shannon at (She is available for private coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements via her website).


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