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Mar 1, 2021

If you want to become wealthier and make the world better, start by giving money away. In this week’s Good Money Tip, we reveal a secret of successful people—how to quickly get back up when failure throws you a knock-out punch. Derrick also talks with lifestyle investor, Justin Donald, who says it’s time to wave good-bye to your 9 to 5 grind. He shares that if you want total control of your life, then take control of your time. Get ready: he tells us why you should look at every investment as bad until you prove it’s good.


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 What you will learn:

  • How lifestyle investing is different
  • Lifestyle investing requires a change in mindset
  • Clarify your ideal lifestyle
  • Long-term accumulation vs. short-term cash flow
  • Follow the blueprint
  • How to avoid bad investments
  • Where to find good investments
  • You can start anywhere



  • “Because when you own your time, then you own everything.” – Justin Donald
  • “Because when you’re clear on what you want, it becomes a whole lot easier to pursue things that are going to line up with that outcome.” – Justin Donald
  • “That gave me a lot of comfort and confidence, so I might not know how to figure out how to make $36,000, but I could figure out how to make $3,000 a month.” – Justin Donald
  • “I took action because I saw other people do it. And I have a very strong conviction that if someone else can do something, I can do it too as long as I have that blueprint.” – Justin Donald
  • “Sometimes, you have to bet on yourself.” – Derrick Kinney
  • “I just think money is a great tool and in the right hands, it can just magnify the good that is done in the world. And I believe that to the deepest part of my soul.” – Justin Donald
  • “So, if you’re just looking purely based on what it was in the past, you’re missing all the opportunities of the future.” – Justin Donald
  • “I didn’t start with a pot of cash and I’ve never had a big exit that gave me a substantial amount of income to invest. I just hit a whole bunch of singles and doubles.” – Justin Donald