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CHFS Community is an award-winning podcast featuring ordinary people doing extraordinary work at the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Hosted by Secretary Eric Friedlander and produced by Julianne Hatton, you'll hear inspirational stories from the people who serve every Kentuckian in some way. Join our community so you'll never miss an episode and tell your friends about the show. Until next time, stay healthy Kentucky!

Nov 9, 2022

As former Chief Resilience Officer for Louisville–Jefferson County Metro Government I was involved in discussions around equitable economic development, racial equity, homelessness, sustainability, infrastructure and the environment. Participating in homeless outreach during this time taught me that helping people reach their full human potential is about their vision of success, not mine.

Working with patients and their families at the Office for Children with Special Health Care Needs (OCSHCN) is no different. Today’s guest, Social Service Clinician Mark J. Miller, shares several stories about advocating for children and families in Kentucky while respecting their autonomy. We also discuss barriers people face in becoming more resilient including language, transportation, physical and mental health difficulties.

The purpose of OCSHCN is to enhance the quality of life for Kentucky's children with special health care needs through quality service, leadership, advocacy, education, and collaboration. Providing the highest quality of life for these children requires compassion, cooperation and community support.