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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Sep 14, 2023

In our faith journey we often find ourselves diving into the deep waters of God, seeking to understand His will and purpose for our lives. One of the profound gifts that can help us navigate these spiritual depths is the gift of discernment. It's a gift that enables us to perceive and understand the hidden and sometimes subtle aspects of God's plan.


Kristin introduces listeners to a deeper understanding of the gift of discernment and how we can actively partner with the Holy Spirit. Instead of merely sensing something, we can engage with God's Spirit and ask Him what He's leading us to do.


The gift of discernment is a remarkable spiritual tool that can guide us in our journey of faith. So, as you dive into the gift of discernment, remember to open yourself to His leading, actively seek His guidance, and trust those gut-check moments. In doing so, you'll find yourself navigating the deep waters of God's will with confidence and clarity.


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